VLSUG Survey: Results Summary

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Hello and Happy New Year!

Last fall we posted a summary of the activities, we have conducted as facilitators of the Vancouver Liberating Structures User Group over the past three years. With that context in mind, we wanted user group members and LS practitioners to help us with ideas on next steps and how we can help everyone to more forward in their practice. 12 people responded to our survey. The summary of responses is as follows:

  • Majority identified themselves as from the post-secondary sector with some as independent consultants and from health care.
  • Most respondents noted that they were ready to “boldly fall forward and add more, new, lesser used structures to my repertoire”
  • Majority of respondents were most wanting to meet and practice with a few willing to co-facilitate. As well, four individuals offered their workplace as potential venues for a meetup.
  • The preferred times were quarterly meetings, occurring during the week from Monday-Friday  5 pm -7pm, or online.
  • There was marked interest in meeting online and in finding out local success stories, sharing case studies, and connecting and receiving support from fellow practitioners.

Based on this feedback, we plan to offer one online meetup and one face-to-face meetup for Spring 2020.

Additionally, we would like to invite users to come forward if they wish to join in on or organize informal café meetups to talk about Liberating Structures. Let us know and we’ll assist in connecting folks who want to do this!

Best Wishes,

Leva Lee and Barish Golland





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