Fall 2019 Survey Results

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Fall 2019 Survey Results

In joining the Vancouver LS User Group I would gain (12 responses)

  • LS blog
  • Sharing what I have been doing in Brazil and Canada within Immersions and Work with groups and communities.
  • Same as above
  • Sharing my experiences with using LS
  • Run a community of practice session.
  • My experience using LS, thought-partnership on putting LS into practice, and coaching people towards their goals
  • My experience as an instructional designer.
  • Share ways I’ve used??
  • energy, enthusiasm, questions, and facilitation (as desirable)
  • …my experience using LS F2F and online, other facilitation prowess, supporting others in their LS journey.
  • positive energy, a willingness to try and reflect
  • support, feedback and ideas

How might we learn together? (8 responses)

  • Online Synchronously, Online Asynchronously, Face-to-Face in a BC Regional Gathering (why not?..;)
  • Practice online + quarterly get togethers
  • Discuss things we’re working on, e.g. questions about what LS would fit the situation, or debrief a situation that didn’t work as well as hoped
  • Hold regular zoom calls -using LS virtually / come together as community of practice
  • Get people in a room, and learn from each others’ stories, experiences and challenges. Could be structured as Troika, Fishbowl, Improv Prototyping, or Wise Crowds for example.
  • This is hard…I was one of the people who didn’t make it to any of the after work sessions. I couldn’t muster up the energy to extend my work day further when I also wanted time with family and rest.
  • newsletter to feature success stories?
  • Brainstorming, practice and feedback

Please suggest a few possible venue/location for face-to-face LS user group meetups that would be conducive to participation for people living/working in various parts of the Lower Mainland. (If it is your workplace please note that below.) (6 responses)

  • CapU (my workplace)
  • BC Children’s/BC Women’s (my workplace)
  • Library rooms across Vancouver, Adler university
  • Set up an evening event or two as “probes” (ref. Cynefin framework)
  • Doing something locally (UBC) is most convenient or as part of an existing event (ie FoL)

Is there anything else you like us to know to help in our planning of next steps for the Vancouver LS User Group? (6 responses)

  • The last email update was awesome, with a clear retrospective of the Whats! Thanks!
  • no
  • How can we link the interest in inclusion, diversity, community/stakeholder engagement, organizational culture, change, and learning and development to LS? That would open up the audience/application space.
  • I sincerely appreciate all the work you’ve done and feel crummy about not participating.
  • I was introduced to LS through the BCODN’s Sunday Cafes and I was thoroughly intrigued. However, I did not know the extent of the work you’ve done or that there were other opportunities available to meet up/practice.
  • Do you conduct virtual meetings?


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