A few gems from the LS Meetup at the 2018 Festival of Learning

Contributed by Leva Lee, BCcampus

Just a quick note to share a few gems we learned from the Liberating Structures Meetup held in Vancouver at the Festival of Learning, May 2018.

Using 1,2,4, All, we asked participants: “How can LS User groups help you with your practice?”   Here’s a few of the responses. LS User groups can help us…

  • Practice together in a safe space; Encourage experimentation
  • Learn what can go wrong when using LS; Close the loop for how things went as a facilitator
  • Find opportunities to debrief use of LS with others
  • Distribute and share LS artefacts, tools, templates and lesson plans, case studies, blog posts, etc.
  • Explore LS strategies applied in an online context and encourage playing with technology e.g. use of breakout rooms for LS e.g., which web tools work well and which don’t work with LS microstructures or approaches.
  • Design more engagement strategies for participants in synchronous or asynchronous context.

In the coming year, the Vancouver and Victoria User groups will keep these things top of mind. Stay tuned for an LS Meetup coming to a campus near you!

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